It's time to give 16-year-olds the vote in all elections!

Make it easier for young people to vote! Sign the NUS petition

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Votes at 16!

Let apprentices live: raise the apprentice minimum wage to the Real Living Wage

The apprentice minimum wage is currently £5.28 per hour. This is unliveable, but we have a vision for change. Add your name to the petition today.

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Living Wage for Apprentices!

Dear Rishi Sunak: Stop making it harder for young people to vote

Rishi Sunak has made it illegal for universities to block register students on the electoral roll. And he introduced new ID laws – which he was warned would hit young people hardest. With a general election set to happen in the next year, we won’t let anything stop young people from having their say.

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Voter ID Open Letter NUS-Wales

Cost of Living Crisis

We should be thriving, not just surviving. The cost of living crisis is pushing students to the brink. Sign up and call on the Welsh and UK governments to deliver cost of living support to students.

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Cost of Living Crisis