Dear Rishi Sunak: Stop making it harder for young people to vote

Dear Rishi Sunak,

In your first speech of 2023, you promised to “build [a] better future for our children and grandchildren”. But so far, you’ve made it nothing but harder for them to have their say in deciding the next government.

You’ve made it illegal for universities to block register students on the electoral roll. And you introduced new ID laws – which you were warned would hit young people hardest. But you didn’t listen.

With a general election set to happen in the next year, we won’t let anything stop young people from having their say. 

This letter is just the beginning. Together we’re making valid ID accessible to students and raising awareness so no-one’s caught out when it comes to casting their vote. 

We’re calling on you, Rishi Sunak, to keep your promise to support young people, and stop making it harder for them to vote. Sign the open letter now if you’re with us.

921 signed so far. Help us get to 2000!

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