Increase EMA for Welsh learners

Increase EMA for Welsh learners

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is essential for young Welsh learners from low income households who wish to go into further education.

Around 17,000 16 to 18-years-olds benefit from the Welsh Government grant, but it hasn't gone up for almost 20 years while the cost of living has sky-rocketed. 

An NUS Wales spokesperson said:

“Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is vital in supporting young people from low income backgrounds to continue their studies in further education. But at just £30 a week, it’s not fit for purpose.

“Even before the Cost of Living Crisis EMA did not go far enough to support students with the costs associated with further education. The fact that it has not been increased in almost two decades is enough to prove it needs to be updated to reflect the needs of further education students today.

“We’re calling on the Welsh Government to increase EMA, and expand eligibility so that more under pressure students can be supported.”

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