NUS Welsh Language and Bilingual Provision

Which Students’ Unions have been involved in proposing?  

Undeb Bangor, Bangor University Students' Union

What’s the issue and how does it affect students?  

NUS campaigns material and other relevant material to Students’ Unions in Wales is not always provided bilingually or fully bilingually. Student officers in Wales struggle to execute NUS-instigated campaigns, or cannot run them at all, because materials from the national body are not always bilingual. This makes it harder for Welsh Unions and students to participate in National campaigns and events. We believe that there is more that can be done to continuously incorporate the Welsh language in NUS activity and ensure best practice is upheld.

What changes would we like to see in society to change this?  

NUS to recognise official and equal status to the Welsh language, and that the Welsh language and bilingualism is an integral feature of Welsh life. That society promotes and protects culture, heritage, and the Welsh language.

  • For all materials produced by NUS for campaign purposes within Welsh SU's to be available bilingually.
  • The policy will set out what NUS will do to enhance its bilingual provision and define what students and SU's can expect in terms of bilingualism.
  • That NUS corporate governance structures, including NUS UK, consider how they can ensure enhanced bilingual provision, and the resources and planning needed.
  • That NUS set up a forum of Welsh Language SU officers to support this work and support and discuss any relevant Welsh language campaigning issues to Wales

Impact Assessment  

How does it impact FE students / Apprentices?    

All FE Colleges in Wales have Welsh language students; first-language Welsh speakers are more likely to read materials that are available in Welsh and expect that this provision is available to them. With the Post 16 education reforms we need to think of HE, FE and apprentices as one.

How does it impact on International Students, Postgraduate Students, Part Time and Mature Students? 

This policy affects all Welsh language Postgraduate, Part-time and Mature students, and shows international students from multilingual countries that NUS respects bilingualism.

How does it impact on black, disabled, LGBT+, trans and women students?  

It will impact all black*, disabled, LGBT+, trans and women students that speak Welsh.

Does this apply across the UK or specifically in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?  

Is the response needed different in different parts of the UK? 

It applies to NUS Wales, and to all NUS UK campaigns and materials that are relevant to Wales.


Amendment 1

NUS to explore providing a Welsh language translation service for members that do not have capacity in house.