We've published the Manifesto for our Future

We are students, and we have a vision for a better Wales.


It is a radical vision for change that prioritises quality of life and protecting our planet.

Welsh students are stuck in a cycle of crises: mental health, cost of living, spiralling rents, and chronic underfunding causing constant strikes.

  • The average student has 50p to live off per week after rent
  • 65% of students are cutting back on food because they can’t afford to eat
  • 46% of students’ mental health has worsened since September 2023

We believe Wales has the potential to be a nation where learners thrive.  One where people aspire to study, and help contribute to a strong Welsh economy and society.

Our vision can only be achieved through the UK Government and Welsh Government working in tandem for a better future.

That's why we've created the Manifesto for our Future.

Our Manifesto for Wales is the result of consultation with more than 10,000 students and apprentices across the UK.

NUS Wales proudly represents over 270,000 students, learners and apprentices - and we're speaking with one voice.


Click here to download the full manifesto (English)


Cliciwcg yma i lawrlwytho'r maniffesto llawn (Cymraeg)


What students want to see at the next general election:

The Manifesto for our Future makes FIVE key asks:

  1. In the first 100 days: Break the student crisis cycle: Lift every student in the UK out of poverty and give us all hope for the future.
  2. Invest in a thriving future, invest in education: Education that is free at the point of use and funded sustainably and publicly.
  3. Homes for our futures: Quality, green and affordable housing for all.
  4. A welcoming and inclusive future: Wales should be an amazing place for international students to work and study.
  5. A healthy future: High-quality healthcare available for free for every single person in the UK.

You can find the UK-wide version of the Manifesto for our Future here.


Support the Manifesto for our Future

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As well as pledging your support, you can also write to your MP:

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