Students Deserve Better

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Think students have been treated unfairly during the pandemic?

You're not alone. We think that #StudentsDeserveBetter


We're calling on governments and education providers to make things better for the tens of thousands of students in Wales who have struggled this academic year.

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What we want


Financial Relief


  • The problem: Students have struggled for money because of the lack of part-time jobs and impact of Covid on family income. 70% of students worry about making rent, 37% can't afford basics and 10% have used foodbanks.


  • The solution: The Welsh Government must ensure the student finance system is fit for purpose and can support students whose income has and will be affected by the economic impacts of the pandemic.


Rent rebates


  • The problem: Students who had to spend lockdown away from their term-time accommodation spent an average of £1,500 on rent for rooms they couldn't use.


  • The solution: Students must get full rebates for the time they couldn't use their accommodation. 


Academic Justice


  • The problem: Most students spent at least half the year learning entirely online, with 70% of students dissatisfied with their educational experience.


  • The solution: Education providers must be open and honest with students about what their learning will look like in 2021/22 to help them make an informed decision. 


A Student Mental Health Strategy


  • The problem: 60% of students say their mental health is worse than before the pandemic.


  • The solution: The Welsh Government must implement a long-term plan to better support students to deal with social, academic and financial pressures. 


Equal Treatment


  • The problem: Many students spent lockdown with flatmates they had only just met and 40% of students haven't had enough contact with people.


  • The solution: As lockdowns ease, students must not be subject to any additional restrictions on their socialising. 


Fairer Exams


  • The problem: Tens of thousands of students were downgraded by an algorithm that was harsher on students from poorer backgrounds.


  • The solution: The Welsh Government must carry out a full review of the exams and grading system in order to eradicate systematic inequality and unfairness.


Your voice makes a difference

NUS and students' unions have worked around the clock to defend students' rights and fight for justice throughout the pandemic. 


Our collective power has won...


•    £500m back for students across the UK, by securing early tenancy release
•    Rent rebates for all students living in university-owned accommodation in Wales
•    £40m to support students facing financial hardship in Wales
•    £10m for student mental health services to help students cope with the impacts of the pandemic
•    A U-turn on A-level, GCSE and BTEC grading in the summer, winning #JusticeForEducation


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