NUS Wales statement on A Level results day

Thursday 13-08-2020 - 00:00
Triple lock for a level results in england

Becky Ricketts, President of NUS Wales said:

“Congratulations to every single student in Wales collecting their A Level results today. This has been a uniquely difficult and uncertain year for students and now is time for them to celebrate and reflect on their achievements.

“The circumstances mean that some students will be unhappy with their results. We have welcomed the Welsh Government’s decision to introduce a free appeals process for students, which must be developed rapidly to enable students to quickly appeal their results and make important decisions for the future.

“It remains to be seen whether the Welsh Government’s announcement of changes to the grading system will prevent a results postcode lottery as was seen in Scotland. We are monitoring the situation closely.

“Every student deserves results which fairly reflect their ability and efforts. If there is evidence that students have been downgraded because of their postcode the Welsh Government should take further action.”


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